At MyTownHealth we can treat a wide range of illnesses.

Female doctor reassures her male patient, hold hand and talk calmly about illness cure

Our dedicated team of medical professionals at MyTownHealth are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating a myriad of illnesses:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Animal Bites & Scratches
  • Allergies, Asthma, Sinus Infections
  • Abscess with Incision and Drainage
  • Concussion Testing
  • Bites and Bee Stings
  • Cellulitis and Skin Infections
  • Conjunctivitis and Red/Pink Eyes
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Dehydration Requiring IV Fluids
  • STIs
  • Respiratory Illnesses
  • Viral Infection Testing

At MyTownHealth, Your Health Is Our Priority!

Walk-ins are welcome or to save your spot, you can book through our easy-to-use online booking portal.