Sports/School Physicials

At MyTownHealth, we offer sports and school physicals.

Happy pediatrician giving high-five togirl who came with mother for medical exam at the clinic.

Most schools require children to undergo a physical exam before the new school year starts or to make sure they are safe and physically fit to participate in physical activities.

MyTownHealth is an easy and convenient way to get this done. Our healthcare providers are trained in assessing the key components to ensure your child will be safe during any physical activity. This includes a completed physical exam focusing on mobility assessment, vision testing and most importantly, measuring the strength of their hearts. We will also ensure that their vaccinations are up to date and that they are meeting their developmental milestones.

At MyTownHealth, Your Health Is Our Priority!

Walk-ins are welcome or to save your spot, you can book through our easy-to-use online booking portal.