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MyTownHealth is certified to conduct the immigration medical exams required by immigration law.

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MyTownHealth clinics are certified to conduct the immigration medical exams required by immigration law. Even more so, our staff has specific training in how to properly handle your immigration paperwork ( I-693 and the results of the associated medical tests) so that there are no delays in your immigration application.

To apply for a green card (adjustment of status) in the United States, an exam must be performed by a medical doctor who is authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Our doctors at MyTownHealth are authorized by USCIS (called Civil Surgeons) and will be happy to help most Green Card applicants. We can certainly help you with your immigration medical today and furthermore, can look after your healthcare needs years after your application gets approved.

Immigration I-693 Medical Exam including:

  • Medical examination (adults and children)
  • Quantiferon Gold TB blood test
  • Blood serology
  • Urine test for Gonorrhea
  • Review of required vaccinations

Additional Services offered:

  • Transcription of vaccination records/completion of I-693 Supplemental form
  • Completing requirements for RFE’s
  • Blood testing for immunity to: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella (Chicken Pox) and Hepatitis B
  • Chest X-ray
  • Cholesterol and Blood Sugar testing. (Fasting advised)
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What to expect:

A minimum of two visits are required for each immigration physical.

Visit 1: 

  • The first visit can be scheduled any day of the week and is with a Medical Assistant. During this visit, the Medical Assistant will collect all the necessary documentation and record it on your I-693 form as well as begin some of the required medical testing.


Visit 2: 

  • The second visit will be with your Civil Surgeon to complete your physical and obtain any necessary immunizations. This is typically scheduled about 5-10 days after the initial visit in order for your labs to be resulted. Additional visits may be necessary depending on the Civil Surgeon and test results. When you come to your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork. During the exam, the Civil Surgeon will review health history and conduct a full body examination. Once health history is reviewed, the Civil Surgeon will inform the Medical Assistant to give any further vaccinations, immunizations or blood draws. Once all reports have been received and reviewed, you will be notified that the documents are ready to be signed. Click to download the following PDF forms:
    Online Instructions for I-693 form
    Online I-693 form

What to bring to your appointment:

  1. Medical Form I-693 (Fill page 1 and the top of page 2, you may complete this online or fill it at our clinic. Please be sure everything is CAPITALIZED and in BLACK ink).
  2. Government-issued photo identification, such as a valid Passport or Driver’s license. If you are 14 years old or younger, bring identification that shows your name, date and place of birth and parent’s full name. Possible forms of identification include your birth certificate (with an English translation) or an affidavit.
  3. Vaccination or immunization records (if available) (such as DT, DTP, DTaP, Td, Tdap, OPV, IPV, MMR, Hib, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Varicella, Pneumococcal Influenza, Rotavirus and Meningococcal disease) NOTE: if records are in a different language they will need to be translated into English.
  4. Hospital or clinic records including proof of prior treatment for Tuberculosis or other infectious diseases.
  5. Prior chest X-rays and/or other diagnostic tests.
  6. Any mental health records.
  7. Alien Registration Number (A number, if available).
  8. Acceptable forms of payment (Cash or Credit/Debit. We do not accept checks).
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Costs For The Immigration Medical Exam (Per Person- Paid During Initial Visit):

  • Adults (over 15) – $500
  • Children (under 15) – $425

All Exams Include:

  • Physical Examination by Civil Surgeon
  • TB Test (via QuantiFERON Gold)
  • Titers for Hep B, MMR, Varicella
  • Gonorrhea Test
  • RPR (Syphilis) Test

Additional Labs, Vaccines, Or Services As Needed:

  • Chest X-Ray- $50
  • Td/Tdap – $100
  • MMR – $150
  • HEP A – $150
  • HEP B (Each Injection) – $150
  • Varicella – $300
  • Medical Translation Services – $125
  • Flu (October 1- March 30) – $50

*If a physical needs to be repeated because it was not submitted to USCIS within 60 days of the date it was completed and signed by the Civil Surgeon, or if your labs, vaccines and services have expired,  the cost is:

Repeat Physical With Paperwork- $250.

Repeat Labs, Vaccines & Services-: $250.

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