X-Ray Services

Quick, easy and highly accurate imaging services when you need it!

If you suspect you have a fracture or an illness requiring an X-ray, we are here to help! Most patients are in and out within 30 minutes, so there is no waiting for an appointment at your doctor’s office, and no long waits in the emergency room. MyTownHealth provides Fast, Accurate and Economical imaging:


MyTownHealth has on-site digital X-ray services for adults and children, which means you never have to travel for an X-ray, and even more so, your results are interpreted while you wait.


Your X-rays are over-read by American board certified radiologists to further ensure that you have received the most accurate diagnosis and best possible treatment plan.


On average, patients will save approximately 80% compared to hospital imaging centers.

At MyTownHealth, Your Health Is Our Priority!

Walk-ins are welcome or to save your spot, you can book through our easy-to-use online booking portal.